EU-OSHA develops guidelines on COVID-19 and long COVID for workers and supervisors


  • The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work offers these publications free of charge in numerous languages.

As part of its many initiatives and the many materials it develops to promote safety in the workplace, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work has published two guides on COVID-19 and long COVID.

Each of these guides is designed, written and, after all, aimed at a specific audience. Thus, one of them focuses on workers and the other on managers. They cover considerations and measures during illness and on return to work, from the point of view of the employee and the manager.

Both guides are available for free consultation and download on the official EU-OSHA website. To facilitate access for all professionals, the guides are translated into several languages.

This year, EWJI has launched the Guide about health and safety in water jetting. You can consult it here.