EWJI Yearbook 2020: a wide vision about water jetting techniques and applications


The European Water Jetting Institute, EWJI, launches its first yearbook: a special publication to compiles up-to-date information for the water jetting industry in Europe and provides a wide perspective about techniques, applications, best practices, and training.

To show a complete overview of the sector, the contents of the EWJI Yearbook 2020 have been written by National Associations (both European and international), companies with remarkable experience in the market and other key stakeholders of the industry.

Some of the articles included in the EWJI Yearbook 2020 are:

  • Is good training the key to working safely?
  • Communication between contractors and asset owners: the best way to find an adequate solution for each type of intervention
  • How robotic hydrodemolition helps simplify concrete repair applications

This special publication aims to be a consultation and reference document for asset owners, end-users, National Associations, contractors, and manufacturers.

Among its pages, there are informative and technical articles about the trends and challenges of the industry, as well as novelties of equipment and products.

The publication also includes information about the main event of the association (EWJI Annual Convention 2020), as well as activities and projects of EWJI to drive the European high-pressure water technology regarding safety, efficiency and quality.

The EWJI Yearbook 2020 has been possible thanks to the support of the following companies: SPIR STAR, REPROTEX, MVT, TCC TRAININGEN, DOW, WOMA, TST, TUBETECH, STONEAGE and CONJET.

The publication is available in digital version for free and hard copies through the EWJI website (https://www.ewji.org/yearbook/).