The German Industrial Cleaning Association (DIRV) is growing


Photo by Sabine Guenther from Lobbe Co.

  • Article written by Ms. Sabine Guenther from Lobbe Co.
  • Companies, service providers and manufacturers are committed to occupational safety.

On Tuesday, September 7th, 2021 the general meeting of the DIRV took place in Limburgerhof, Germany, followed by a trade fair on the premises of Lobbe Industrieservice GmbH & Co KG, southern branch from 08th – 10th sep.2021 in Mutterstadt. The safety association now has 45 member companies. They are companies of the chemical industry, service providers for industrial cleaning and manufacturers of equipment.

Occupational Safety as a key element

CEO Dr. Andreas Felske emphasizes: “We were slowed down mainly by the pandemic, otherwise we would be a lot further today. But the rapid growth in our association shows that there is nothing comparable in Germany and that there is a need for such an association. The DIRV is particularly committed to occupational safety in industrial cleaning processes, regardless of whether it is high-pressure water cleaning, ultrasound and other techniques. At the conference, the DIRV formulated its tasks even more clearly and distinctly: In particular, the cooperation with other associations such as the VDMA, the BDI and the VAIS is the focus of efforts, at the same time the DIRV will increasingly participate in committees in which the rules for Occupational Safety can be determined, even with similar safety associations in other countries. The third part of the DIRV is the outwardly visible perception such as the information of the general public in order to be able to present a contemporary picture of the industry and the diverse, attractive professions.

Impressive fair

As part of the three-day trade fair, the focus was not only on lectures on specific cleaning processes, but also on demonstrating specific techniques live and in front of an audience. More than 20 companies show impressively which parts of a chemical plant can be automated with the most varied of processes or cleaned with the highest safety measures. “The cost-effectiveness of a cleaning process is of course also important for clients. But that can never be the only determining factor. Security is not negotiable”, summarizes Adrian Bernard, 2nd chairman of the association and managing director of Lobbe Industrieservice GmbH & Co KG. Because: It is not only a challenge for companies to hire and train qualified specialists for the future – a task that all members of the DIRV have to face. “It is all the more important to train long-term employees in modern procedures again and again,” says Adrian Bernard.

Knowledge transfer

More than 15 presentations from different member companies met with great interest at the conference. In addition to ultrasonic and laser cleaning, catalyst change and personal protective equipment, the HP Water Jetting manual was presented as a draft. “We developed this manual on High Pressure Water Jetting work with various members. Here, for example, the visual inspection of high-pressure hoses before use is mandatory, explains Matthias Geib, spokesman for the DIRV. The manual is intended to form the basis for training as an industrial service specialist and to serve as a guideline for the specialists to work on site.