The guide of automation will be released in few weeks


In the following weeks, EWJI will release the Guide about the use of automation in industrial cleaning that the working group of Automation has been working on since 2022, which is part of the Asset Integrity working group.

This guide is a publication that was conceived to complement the webinars that the association makes and serve as a reference document on automated industrial cleaning.

Also, this publication aims to demonstrate the advantages that automation has, explain what is the equipment that the operators need, describe considerations to carry out successfully the operations, how the work should be carried out, and more things.

In addition, the guide about the use of automation in industrial cleaning will contain practical information, automation in industrial cleaning, equipment use and maintenance, people roles and responsibilities, operations working methods, operational procedures and hazardous waste.

Nowadays, we are working on the publication of the document and once it is released you can consult the guide online on EWJI’s website.

The Automation working group is one of the most active working groups in the association, if you would like to learn more about this working group you can join here.