Updates of EWJI’s working group “Equipment”


One of the main working groups at EWJI is the G6 Equipment and technology. The Group has been working since 2022 in some proposals and other contributions that professionals who work with water jetting can make due to the European standard EN 1829, part 1 and 2.

The revision and the update of this standard is going to carry out from CEN/TC 197  “Pumps”, the committee who is part EWJI as “liaison organization”.

After some months of work, the participants from the working group of EWJI had made a document of reference for the “application of thermoplastic and rubber hose assemblies in waterblast” based on the possible risks.

Actually, we are working on the publication of the document, which is in draft phase. Additionally, we will send soon to the national associations that are part of EWJI the publication so they can send their comments and get a valid reference document at an European level.

This meeting is available for everyone who wants to participate and share documentation or important information related to water jetting. In addition, they can participate in other complementary activities of the association. If you would like to be part of the working group you would have to fill the following form.

The objetive of EWJI’s working groups is to provide a structured way of developing the organization’s objectives, encouraging the exchange of good practices, the development of reference documentation and the promotion of the guild in general.

Nowadays, the only working groups that are active are the “G1 – Technical Committee” and “G6 – Equipment and technology“. If you would like to join at the group of work or get noticed of other activities related of EWJI, you have to contact with the Secretary of EWJI at the following email: (info@ewji.org).