EWJI progresses celebrating a new edition of the Forum


The European Water Jetting Institute (EWJI) celebrates a new edition of the Forum on 20 February, in Brussels, an event that gathered a very varied audience that participated actively in the workshops to exchange experiences and ideas.

The forum consisted in three workshops and in which representatives of different national associations, various countries and different types of professional profiles (asset owners, suppliers, contractors, national organizations) had the opportunity to broaden their knowledge thanks to the participation of panelists from different leading companies in the sector.

In this edition, one of the main innovations was the structure of the event, based on a few presentations, followed by a time to generate a rewarding debate among the attendees, for exchanging ideas and sharing opinions.

Besides, the moments dedicated to networking were very well received by the public who participated in the conferences, because it allowed to build and strengthen professional ties between the professionals attending.

EWJI would like to thank the sponsors (ABDEX, PARKER, SPIR STAR, STONEAGE, and TST SWEEDEN), without whom the success of this forum would not have been possible.

Competency of contractors: assessment, safety, and accreditation

EWJI Forum 2019 included a useful workshop, named “Competency of contractors: assessment, safety, and accreditation”, to share the best practices of existing models for the assessment and accreditation of water jetting contractors.

The speaker and panelists who participated in the workshop (Mr. Stuart Harwood, SC3; Mr. Hans Borgt, DOW CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS, and Mr. Mike Watson, TUBE TECH) focused on the industrial cleaning applications, but the outline of the exchange of ideas was applicable to other applications of water jetting (construction, municipal cleaning and surface preparation).

Both panelists and attendees discussed the creation of a model/reference system to allow the accreditation of the contractors and its main benefits and challenges.

The goal of this subject is to focus on the laying of the basis for the creation of a model/reference system to allow the accreditation of the contractors, which can be recognized at international level by asset owners, main contractors, and other organizations related with the industry.

Global Hydroblasting Standards and Standards for equipment

EWJI dedicated a specific workshop in its Forum 2019 named “Global Hydroblasting Standards and Standards for equipment” to sum up and explain the basic global safety standards in water blasting activities that were discussed at several meetings, like the one held in Munich (IFAT 2018) and New Orleans (WJTA-IMCA Conference & Expo).

Ms. Kerry Siggings made a presentation about the main topic of the session to present an overview of the initiative for Global Standards, how it started, in which point it is right now and the next steps.

After that, the panelists (Christopher Schmitt SPIR STAR, and Mr. Hans Borgt, DOW CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS) gave their perspective on this subject, to foster an open debate with attendees about the possibility to create Standards (at least European) for the usage, testing, and verification of the equipment used for water jetting.

As a summary of the workshop, the discussion was aimed at the establishment the basis for the creation of a set of guidelines which explain the reference regulations for water jetting in Europe, current best practices and practical tools or guidance notes for suppliers (manufacturers or dealers), contractors, and asset owners on how to evaluate equipment conformity (for pumps, hoses, attachments, special tools, automated solutions,…).

European qualification for workers and equipment operators

“European qualification for workers and equipment operators”, the name of the last workshop in EWJI Forum 2019, focused on the possibility of creating a European standard for training/assessment and recognition (qualification) of the workers’ expertise, which can be recognized in different countries.

After an introduction about the concepts of EPC (European Professional Card) and EQF (European Qualifications Framework), the panelists (Mr. Hans Werner Maus, DFIV; Mr. John Jones, WJA; and Mr. Per-Arne Andersson, TST) explained their view and comments.

With this overview, panelists and participants participated actively in an open debate with an enriching exchange of ideas.