The European Water Jetting Institute, EWJI, organizes webinars for professionals related to the activities of the industry.

In this case, the initiative consists of launching a series of educational webinars on technical topics.

Webinars (a combination of the words “web” and “seminar”) are video workshop or presentations, live broadcast and hosted online.

Using a specific platform, webinar participants can watch the presentation and follow the speaker’s explanations, as well as interact through a chat and ask their own questions.


The aim of the association’s webinars is to disseminate, through experts, the activity of industrial cleaning, other applications of the high pressure water and best practice.

EWJI webinars are a step forward in its communication and marketing actions, using the technical resources available online.

Upcoming webinars

Given the current situation, created by the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), from EWJI we are implementing a series of initiatives to continue developing the diffusion activity of the association.

Participation in these webinars is completely free for all attendees, just register in advance.

For logistical reasons, the number of participants is limited by the platform itself, so registrations will be accepted in strict order of entry until the technical capacity available for each session is reached.

The topics and next dates will be published shortly.