EWJI Annual Convention 2020 – Call for papers

Call for papers

EWJI invites the professionals interested in participating in the Annual Convention 2020, to be speakers during the conference program with a presentation.

Professionals from several countries will attend this Convention to discover the last industry trends, discuss common objectives and work on best practices for the industry.


The surface preparation, industrial & municipal cleaning and the construction applications are every day more and more linked, and in order to stablish new ways of innovation in these related fields is necessary the participation of all the professionals of this European industries.

General guidelines for submisions

  1. Submissions have to be sent using the form below.
  2. The main language of the conference is English. All the submissions have to be done in English; depending on request, there will be interpretation from-to several languages.
  3. Submitting an abstract implies a commitment to attend and do the presentation at the EWJI Annual Convention 2020.
  4. Commercial papers will not be accepted.
  5. To ensure broad participation, abstracts are limited to one per author.
  6. All the submissions accepted for presentations, will be used as materials for publication in the association private area and will be included in the conference book.

General terms for speakers

  1. If your abstract is selected, EWJI will give you a free Conference ticket for the Convention. The speaker will assume any other costs.
  2. All the presentations (PPT files shown on the screen and/or summary of the presentation) must be done in English.
  3. If there would be interpretation from-to another language the speaker could do the presentation on that language, if not the presentation will have to be done in English.
  4. During the Convention, the speakers should be available for questions and/or round table debate about the topics presented.

The papers submitted for the presentation will be evaluated by the EWJI Board of Directors, to choose among the most interesting topics for the event.

EWJI will reply to all applicants with an answer, either positive or negative, about the paper submitted.

Submit your paper

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When you submit this form an e-mail with your submission is generated. You will receive a copy of the e-mail sent. After receiving your paper, we will send you a confirmation of the submission