EWJI Annual Convention 2020 – Marketing

The EWJI Annual Convention is a fantastic opportunity to promote your company and products.

For this reason, EWJI has designed three different packages addressed to supplier and manufacturers companies specialized in the use of water jetting.


If you want to reinforce or make a difference with your participation in the event, there are some exclusive options your can choose.



At the same time, EWJI is preparing the first Yearbook for 2020, related with this event. This publication will collect the expertise and knowledge of the water jetting guild, promote the best practice and highlight the different applications of the water jetting in multiple sectors.

Increase the visibility of your brand with the participation in the EWJI Yearbook 2020!

Those companies that choose sponsorship packages for the EWJI Annual Convention and the Yearbook, will benefit from a 10% discount on each of the select options. Both sponsorships must be hired at the same time.

For more information about EWJI Yearbook 2020: https://www.ewji.org/yearbook/yearbook-2020


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Lanyard: €1.000Formal dinner: €2.000


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