The European Water Jetting Forum 2019 is an event organized by EWJI in cooperation with the National Water Jetting associations to bring together the industry for an open debate.

The event will be celebrating on February 20 in Brussels, Belgium, and will offer an opportunity to network and meet colleagues, contractors, manufacturers, associations and other agents related with the water jetting industry.

The Forum will have debate sessions and roundtables with recognized panelists from the industry, as well as time to do networking with the participants.

The debate sessions will be held in English.

EWJI celebrated the first Forum, last 14th October 2015, in Brussels, Belgiumand after that, EWJI organized the first water jetting Convention, which was held on 17th October, 2016, in Cologne, Germany.

In 2017, the Annual Convention was held in Madrid (Spain) in February, 10.

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This event mainly addresses:

  • National Associations of the industry
  • Managers from this sector: contractors, suppliers, etc.
  • Professionals from different profiles of the organizing association
  • Professionals from other related entities related to the industry
  • Experts and designers related to this specialized industry.

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