Technical Committee – G1

The Techinal Committee is a permanent group, it is called G1 and is generally chaired by the President of the organization:

Mr. Hans Borgt


The role of the Technical Committee is to handle any technical matter which is not included in any of the existing working groups.

The Technical Committee may act as result of an urgency (for instance, in case of an accident, to provide advice) or as part of office for general technical topics.


G1S1 – Regulation

Within this working group, which can develop different topics, the subgroup Regulation was created to foster the exchange of best practices, recommendations, and guidelines for regulatory matters.

G1S2 – CEN/TC 197

CEN/TC 197, also know as “Pumps”, is a group part of the CEN in which EWJI serves a liaison partner. This group operates with a focus on standardizing the safety and other aspects of pumps and pumping machinery.

G1S3 Associations

This subgroup, related to working together for the development of cooperation between national associations, will be activated in collaboration with the Education Group to work on the upcoming Guide about professional development and roles.

How to participate?

If you are interested in participating in this working group or any other follow this link.

Please note that specific rules apply to each working group/subgroup, depending on the phase of each project or the annual work plan.

The dates for the meetings and the documentation of the working groups are published in the EWJI meeting section.