Applications of water jetting

The water jetting, through its techniques of use, serves for a multitude of applications.

In short, the applications of pressurized water techniques can be divided into four groups:

  • Industrial cleaning and maintenance
  • Urban cleaning
  • Removal of coating and surface preparation
  • Concrete removal and hydrodemolition

Occasionally, pressurized water applications may be an intermediate activity, requiring previous actions that give rise to subsequent ones, thus increasing the degree of difficulty for the application of these techniques.

This difficulty also responds to the use of tools that involve very diverse and specific applications and risks, requiring the use of:

  • Special equipment
  • Self-employed workers
  • Own technical and safety coordination

Pressurized water companies offer very specialized services, following a model that exists in many countries such as Sweden, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Switzerland, the United States or Australia.


Surface preparation

Industrial cleaning 

Urban cleaning