Industrial cleaning and maintenance


Industrial Cleaning covers one of the most extensive and diverse fields of application of pressurized water techniques.

Its scope extends to all types of industry:

  • Steel and metallurgical sector: integral steelworks (steelworks, blast furnaces, coke batteries, rolling mills, etc.), zinc and aluminum factories, etc.
  • Chemical sector: fertilizer factories, pharmaceutical products, etc.
  • Mining sector: coal mines, various minerals, etc.
  • Electrical sector: thermal, nuclear power stations, etc.
  • Petrochemical sector: refineries, etc.
  • Other industrial sectors: paper mills, shipyards, cement factories, quarries, etc.

High-pressure water cleaning of the equipment and machinery involved in the production process is a key factor in the maintenance of industrial facilities.

The right combination of pressure and flow of the different pumps and the use of appropriate accessories make possible the great versatility of applications in today’s industry.

Some of these applications are:

  • Cleaning of steam exchangers and preheaters by accumulation and obturation of the tubular bundles.
  • Degassing and cleaning of industrial tanks and tanks for mechanical repairs or change of products.
  • Cleaning of vessels, distillation towers, convective furnaces, lines, and reactors.
  • Automated cleaning: of confined spaces by means of rotating washing heads, multi-lance equipment for cleaning exchangers, etc.
  • Cleaning of machinery and process installations.
  • Pressure tests.
  • Cleaning of industrial pipes and sanitation networks.
  • Cleaning of boilers.
  • Cooling towers.
  • Decanters, agitator tanks, etc.