What is EWJI?

EWJI is the acronym of the European Water Jetting Institute, legally registered as a non-profit organization with European scope.


What is the purpose of EWJI?

The mission of the European Water Jetting Institute, EWJI, is to promote the water jetting industry and its applications in Europe, towards the highest standards of safety, professional integrity and quality of service.

To achieve this mission, EWJI works to create and uphold a network of professionals and knowledge, including companies (contractors, manufacturers and asset owners) and national associations, stakeholders and legislators, managers and workers, … all of them working together to develop and share best practices, regulations and training.


What are the EWJI objectives?

The European Water Jetting Institute, EWJI, as a non-profit organization has the following objectives:

  • To be involved in and have an impact on National and European health and safety standards, best practices, training and legislation related with water jetting
  • To promote European regulations and reference documents on water jetting techniques, to improve the processes, ensure quality and foster innovation
  • To create a network for open communication and exchange among water jetting professionals, companies, associations and related stakeholders
  • To look after, promote and protect the interests of the water jetting industry in Europe
  • To exchange information on techniques, working methods and research among the industry and with other related industries
  • To support the National Associations and foster the creation of new organizations in Europe, sharing the knowledge and best practices related with water jetting
  • To contact and cooperate with similar organizations in other parts of the World


What is the water jetting scope for EWJI?

Through the combination of certain parameters (pressure, flow, temperature and distance) water offers multiple possibilities as a tool, and water jetting allows for several applications.

EWJI focusses mainly on mobile applications, not as much on fixed or stationary. The water jetting services are provided wherever is needed by transporting and installing the equipment (pumps, hoses, nozzles,…) including applications such as cleaning, cutting, sanitizing, scarifying or even selective demolition.

The main areas of interest for EWJI are:

  • Industrial cleaning and maintenance (with water jetting and vacuum technologies)
  • Municipal cleaning (with water jetting and vacuum technologies)
  • Removal of coatings and surface preparation
  • Concrete removal and hydrodemolition

Directly linked with these areas of interest is also the use of vacuum technologies, to either prepare for or remove the materials generated before, during or after the water jetting applications.

And, in some cases, there is also an important amount of work related with auxiliary equipment, such as scaffolding, access, protection or even engineering to prepare for the work itself.

The EWJI scope embraces everything related with these applications of water jetting, including always the three parts of every job: technical, safety and environmental.