ALTAP Guide about industrial cleaning



ALTAP, Spanish Association of technical cleaning and high pressure, has prepared a Guide about industrial cleaning, a publication that gathers the interests, definitions and tools of professionals who develop activities related to industrial cleaning.

This guide is made up of professionals linked to the industrial cleaning sector through all its agents, the content is aimed at the end customer who hires this work in order to show what services can be hired, their responsibilities, the current regulations on this subject…

It was created to highlight the value of industrial cleaning and the companies specialized in this application of pressurized water techniques, essential in any factory to preserve the facilities and the health of workers and stored or manufactured products.


  • General industrial cleaning concepts
  • Industrial cleaning systems
  • Health and safety in industrial cleaning
  • Waste management in industrial cleaning
  • Inspection and verification in industrial cleaning
  • Regulatory frame of reference
  • Industrial cleaning contracting
  • International recommendations on industrial cleaning
  • Company directory

Consult this document or request hard copies here.