EWJI Webinar: Ultra high pressure units for different applications


Given the current situation, created by the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), from EWJI we are implementing a series of initiatives to continue developing the diffusion activity of the association.

In this case, the initiative consists of launching webinars for professionals related to the activities of the industry.

Webinars (a combination of the words “web” and “seminar”) are video workshop or presentations, live broadcast and hosted online.

Using a specific platform, webinar participants can watch the presentation and follow the speaker’s explanations, as well as interact through a chat and ask their own questions.


The topics to be discussed during the webinar are the following:

Part 1: Presentation

  • What is EWJI?
  • Why do we do this webinar?
  • What is the EWJI Pumps working group and how to be involved?

Part 2: Overview of different UHP pump installations

  • How are horizontal UHP pump installations?
  • How are vertical UHP pump installations?
  • What are the applications, advantages, and differences of each type of installation?

Part 3: Overview of different drive concepts for UHP units

Part 4: EU regulation of emissions: Stage V

  • What is the Stage V?
  • How does it affect units and trailers?
  • What are the main challenges for manufacturers?

Part 5: Case stories and practical examples

Part 6: Questions and comments from participants

Dates and timetable

Tuesday March 23rd

The webinar has the following timetable (all hours are Brussels time, Central European):

15:00 – Start of the webinar

16:00 – End of the webinar


  • Mr. Hans Borgt, DOW
  • Mr. Sigmar Bootsch, WOMA
  • Mr. Stijn Vermoet, HCI


Free activity

EWJI webinars are offered free of charge and open to public participation thanks to the financial support of member companies and entities:

To contact EWJI members, visit the members list.


This webinar has already taken place. It will be published on-line soon.