Become part of the EWJI Yearbook 2020


As part of the EWJI’s purpose to share knowledge about water jetting techniques and applications, the association is preparing the EWJI Yearbook 2020, a useful document compiles up-to-date information for the water jetting industry in Europe.

To show a complete overview of the sector, the contents of the yearbook will be written by different EWJI members and other key stakeholders of the industry.

In fact, participation in the yearbook is open to those associations and companies that want to share their expertise and knowledge in informative and instructive texts about their activities, projects, products, experiences,…

This special publication aims to be a consultation and reference document for asset owners, Public Administrations, National associations and contractors.

Its pages will include information about EWJI and its members, technical articles from collaborators about the trends of the industry and novelties of equipment and products.

In addition, the companies can give a great visibility to their brands with the sponsorship packages that EWJI have prepared to this publication.

These sponsorship packages not only include advertisements, but also technical and informative contents about the brand’s novelties (no commercial content). Additionally, multimedia contents (as a link to your website or a video, according to the type of sponsorship contracted) can be joined to the sponsorship on the digital version.