DIRV becomes new member of EWJI


  • The national association DIRV has become a new member of the European Water Jetting Institute, EWJI.

Deutscher Industrie-Reinigungs Verband, DIRV, is a German association focusing on safe industrial cleaning such as high-pressure water jetting, vacuum cleaning, chemical cleaning, pulsed air blowing, laser ablation and ultrasonic cleaning, etc.

The entity counts on the latest advances in technology, work equipment and PPE available to protect employees from risks, which need to be implemented by companies working together.

DIRV’s vision is to implement the safest possible industrial cleaning standards in Germany and to ensure that people who perform their work in safe environment.

The association has several objectives such as the exchange of lessons and technology edge; development to ensure common basis for safety, efficiency, effectiveness; exchange of ideas and interest between associations; creation of training modules for craftsmen, supervisions and engineers with certificate; creation of a basic handbook with rules and regulations.