EWJI’ involvement in the Water Jetting Global Standards is reflected in the Forum 2019


EWJI dedicated a specific workshop in its Forum 2019 named “Global Hydroblasting Standards and Standards for equipment” to sum up and explain the basic global safety standards in water blasting activities that were discussed at several meetings, like the one held in Munich (IFAT 2018) and New Orleans (WJTA-IMCA Conference & Expo).

Ms. Kerry Siggings made a presentation about the main topic of the session to present an overview of the initiative for Global Standards, how it started, in which point it is right now and the next steps.

After that, the panelists (Christopher Schmitt SPIR STAR, and Mr. Hans Borgt, DOW CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS) gave their perspective on this subject, to foster an open debate with attendees about the possibility to create Standards (at least European) for the usage, testing, and verification of the equipment used for water jetting.

As a summary of the workshop, the discussion was aimed at the establishment the basis for the creation of a set of guidelines which explain the reference regulations for water jetting in Europe, current best practices and practical tools or guidance notes for suppliers (manufacturers or dealers), contractors, and asset owners on how to evaluate equipment conformity (for pumps, hoses, attachments, special tools, automated solutions,…).