EWJI makes available its guide on ‘Why use hydrodemolition?’


  • After the success of the webinar ‘Hydrodemolition: past, present and future’, EWJI decides to release the guide ‘Why use hydrodemolition?’

The Guide ‘Why use hydrodemolition?’ is produced by the European Water Jetting Institute thanks to the contributions of AQUAJET and CONJET, EWJI members.

Hydrodemolition is a technology that removes concrete selectively with high-pressure water without causing damage to the remaining structure. “Selectively” means that the weak concrete is removed down to a pre-set quality level while the good concrete remains. 

Due to the high number of requests and requests for the guide, now it is available for free online consultation and download. We remind you that EWJI offers both members and those interested in the sector the possibility to visit or participate in the webinars or guides. 



Guide ‘Why use hydrodemolition?’

EWJI webinar: Hydrodemolition: past, present and future