EWJI presents OSKAR MOSER as new member


In Elzach in the Black Forest, OSKAR MOSER is a German manufacturer specialized in nozzles and ring jewels made from sapphire and ruby that creates little marvels for over 100 years.

The focus always lies on the technical gemstone, which is a real all-rounder for countless applications and uses due to its outstanding material properties.

OSKAR MOSER offers brilliant nozzle technology composed with the technical gemstones sapphire and ruby. They are ultra-hard, extremely wear-resistant and perfect for processing.

The super-fine cleaning and trim nozzles are used in their millions in the paper industry.

And for water jet cutting, or in industrial cleaning technology – for example for façade cleaning, sandblasting or paint stripping.

OSKAR MOSER also develops individually tailored nozzle components and complete assemblies.

At OSKAR MOSER, you’ll find not only busy hands and lots of experience, but also the necessary technical facilities: a dedicated in-house jet laboratory for the testing and development of nozzles, the latest CAD technology for the design of assemblies and bearings, as well as a dedicated design department for the manufacture of customer-specific solutions.