Hydrodemolition: past, present and future, the first EWJI webinar of 2021


EWJI starts 2021 by presenting a new session of its free webinars, under the title of ‘Hydrodemolition: past, present and future’, that will take place on January 26th from 3pm to 4pm (Brussels time, Central European), thanks to the participation of Mr. Lars-Göran Nilsson (CONJET) and Mr. Patrik Andersson (AQUAJET SYSTEMS).

In this webinar, attendees will have the opportunity to learn in depth the history of hydrodemolition, as well as the current situation of the industry.

Thus, this session will address the main questions in relation to techniques, safety or environment in hydrodemolition, among other topics.

Participation in this webinar is completely free for all attendees, they just need to register in advance.