This March, EWJI launches the Guide about health and safety


  • This informative publication will be available for online consultation in the European Water Jetting Institute website.

This year, March is a special month for the European Water Jetting Institute, because it will be month in which the Guide about health and safety in water jetting will be launched.

This publication, produced by EWJI, with the contributions and collaboration of the members of the association’s homonymous working group, has two main objectives:

  • Produce a basic and descriptive publication.
  • Give a general overview of what the water jetting is, roles and responsibilities of people involved, working methods, use and maintenance of the equipment and handle of hazardous waste risks.

It is intended to serve as a reference document for professionals linked to this industry, especially contractors and asset owners performing or contracting services using high pressure water.

The Guide about health and safety in water jetting will soon be available for online consultation. You can learn more about it here.