Why use hydrodemolition?



Since its creation in 2020, EWJI Hydrodemolition Working Group has been developing a valuable task of collecting, preparing and disseminating reference documents with guidelines on the benefits, drivers, efficiency, related to the use of this technique equipment.

The success of the webinars held during 2021, confirm the great work carried out by the group in favor of the sector and have laid the foundations for future work.

But… what’s its main purpose? the principal objective of this working group,  will be to create a reference document with guidelines about the benefits, drivers, efficiency, … related with the use of hydrodemolition equipment. Thanks to the team work of the two leading companies Aquajet and Conjet, with Mr. Patrik Andersson and Mr. Lars-Göran Nilsson, respectively, the publication, under the title: Why use hydrodemolition? will be released next May.